Kitchen / Store Room

If you are running a cattery, you need to be able to prepare the meals for your guests and store supplies. This unit gives you the space to do all that.

You are required to provide a variety of ancillary buildings according to the FAB guidelines. There include:

  • Kitchen
  • Reception
  • Store

The kitchen and store must be kept dry, clean and vermin free and in most situations, the 2 facilities are contained in the 1 building. At Quality Cat Runs™ we can provide you with a range of store buildings to meet your requirements. The company behind Quality Cat Runs™ (Quality Timber Buildings™) manufacture a large range of garden buildings, many of which are suitable to be used as a kitchen and store room.

If you want to incorporate your kitchen and store room into the cat run, a building can be made to match the design of the cat run and be accessible via the safety corridor. The other useful feature of this type of unit is it can act as a corner junction if you need your cattery to go round a corner.