Single Enclosure

Private accommodation for your guests who like a place of their own.

The single unit is a lot less common than our standard double boarding cattery but still has a place, especially in larger catteries where having a few single units in a block are still commercially viable.

If you choose to have stand-alone single cattery unit and therefore not part of a block, then the normal way we construct this is 1.23m (4’) wide and 0.92m (3’) deep. This makes the run larger and the whole enclosure much easier to clean.

All our buildings are made to FAB standards as minimum and can be customised to clients specification. If your local authority have different requirements to the FAB standards, then please get in touch. We can tailor any building in order to be compliant with any alternatives to standard FAB guidelines.

The image is of a breeders single cat house but it gives you an idea of the width of an FAB approved unit.